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Back pain and neck pain are common issues that are seen to be growing in this pandemic partly due to lockdown related homebound scrnario preventing physical movement , partly due to worl from home related poor ergonomics , and largely due to emotional turnmoil , anxiety and pshycoological stress everyone is going through.

To keep our backs healthy time has come to resort to basics for back care. It’s important to avoid being sedentary for long periods of time. Being inactive can cause muscles that support the spine to weaken. This can sometimes lead to back or neck pain or exacerbate an existing spine condition.We should make sure to perform any and every effort for physical activity that helps maintain fitness, strengthens the core muscles and includes stretching. Before someone develops back issues, the best way to stay healthy is to stretch often and keep your core strong.Getting regular exercise can have plenty of benefits, too. It can give your day structure and help break up the monotony of staying at home for an extended time. Physical exercise can also help you maintain a positive outlook while navigating this challenging period.

6 Ways to Alleviate Lower Back Pain During Lockdown :

  • 1) Limit your bed rest / sedentary habits : This can lead to serious stiffness and a long-term increase in pain
  • 2) Get active! : At the most basic level, that means standing, walking and limiting sitting/lying down throughout the day.walk 30 mins a day minimum.
  • 3) Heat therapy- Hot water baths / fomentation help muscles supple and reduce inflammation.
  • 4) Stretch the muscles and make them active. Take frequent breaks from sitting / work even if they mean small breaks.
  • 5) Be mindful of what you’re eating- avoid weight gain and keep muscles healthy with nutrient full and protein rich diet.
  • 6) Improve your posture – sit straight with upright back posture and small back support with frequent breaks on a appropriately heightened chair is recommended.

Back to basics of back care.