Frequently Asked Questions About slip disc /Sciatica / Disc bulge /Herniated Discs

What is a herniated disc / slip disc /Sciatica?

  • In between your vertebrae in your spine, you have intervertebral discs. They help cushion your movements. The disc has a gel-like inner substance called the nucleus pulposus and a tire-like outer band called the annulus fibrosus. The nucleus gel like material can push out through the rupture in the outer ring annulus: that’s called a herniated disc or a slip disc or disc herniation.

What causes a herniated disc / Disc bulge / Sciatica ?

  • Herniated discs can develop gradually as the result of wear and tear on the spine-a natural part of aging. As we grow older, our intervertebral discs can lose their elasticity and water content, making them more likely to herniate. Over several weeks or even months, the nucleus pulposus can start to push through the annulus fibrosus. Herniated discs can also happen suddenly from incorrect lifting or twisting that aggravates a weakened disc.

What are some non-surgical ways to deal with a Slip disc / HERNIATED DISC / SCIATICA ?

To help deal with pain from a herniated disc, you can try:

  1. Ice during the first 24 to 48 hours after the initial injury (if you herniate your disc suddenly). The ice will help reduce the swelling, muscle spasms, and pain. Wrap the ice in a towel and put it on the painful area for 15 minutes at a time.
  2. Heat after the first 48 hours because that will warm and relax sore tissues. You can use a heating pad for 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Restricting your activities that increase the pain
  4. Light exercise (walking, swimming, etc.) as recommended by your doctor
  5. Over-the-counter medications
  6. Prescription medications
  7. Physical therapy

What are some non-surgical ways to deal with Slip disc / HERNIATED DISC/SCIATICA?

Non-surgical treatment options for SLIP DISC :

  • Physiotherapy in consultation with your spine specialist or spine doctor is the recommended therapy with exercises to strengthen the muscles around your spine.
  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in consultation with spine specialist that will help reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Physical therapy – Back extension exercises and abdominal exercises
  • Epidural steroid injection in spine given by spine doctor or spine specialist decrease the inflammation of the nerve roots.

Treatment options are plenty and shall be planned only in consultation with spine specialist doctor.

Will I need surgery for SLIP DISC / HERNIATED DISC / SCIATICA ?

Spine surgery for spinal stenosis by your spinal surgeon is better than non-surgical options if –

  1. Severe  back pain, Buttock pain disabling, Leg pain, Leg numbness, and tingling legs which prevent normal lifestyle .
  2. Loss of sensation/ motor strength/ progressive weakness in legs or loss of sensation in bowel and bladder .

What kinds of surgery are used for Slip disc / Surgery for Herniated disc / surgery for sciatica ?

Spinal surgery for slip disc or surgery for disc bulge by spine specialist comprise of

  1. Decompression: Freeing the nerve from external compression in spine.
  2. Rarely Stabilization: Prevention of painful movement by spinal implant insertion and putting graft for fusion

Is Spinal Surgery for Slip Disc / Surgery for Herniated disc / Surgery for disc bulge Safe ?

  • Yes . Spinal surgery for Spinal Stenosis is done with minimal invasive spine surgery technique using microscope. Endoscopic Spine surgery for spinal stenosis and endoscopic spinal surgery for slip disc is extremely safe and predictable results are obtained

How fast is the recovery after spinal surgery for slip disc ?

  • Recovery after Microscopic spine surgery and endoscopic spine surgery for slip disc and spinal surgery for spinal stenosis is extremely safe and fast. Patients do not need bed rest after discharge or surgery and can return to work in a couple of days with instructions.

Which option is good for safe spine surgery – Open or Minimal Invasive spine surgery ?

  • Both surgeries are safe for spinal stenosis and slip disc. Minimal invasive spine surgery has benefits of small incisions, less pain, less blood loss, fewer infections, and early discharge and no bed rest after the surgery is needed.

Who is the Best spine surgeon in Mumbai for Slip disc / Spine specialist for herniated disc / Spinal specialist for sciatica?

Dr. Vishal Kundnani is one of the best spine surgeons for Slip disc and is available in Mumbai, Raipur, Bhopal, Jaipur and western suburbs of Mumbai on apointment.Dr. Vishal kundnani is one of the best spine doctors for sciatica and spine specialist with a considerate approach to patients with an honest opinion and ethical spine practice.Dr. Vishal kundnani is one of the best microscopic surgeon /Best Minimal Invasive spine surgeon for slip disc surgery in Mumbai.

What are the ways of performing spinal surgery?

  • Open or conventional spine surgery and minimal invasive spine surgery or key hole spine surgery . Minimal Invasive spine .

What is Minimally invasive spine surgery / KEY HOLE SURGERY ??

  • Surgery done through a smaller incision without causing access related problems, yet achieving the same end results, with superior clinical results and higher safety.

What are the advantages of Minimal Invasive spine surgery for slip disc / microscopic Spine Surgery for slip disc / endoscopic spine surgery for slip disc /KEY HOLE SURGERY?

  • Minimal invasive spine surgery for slip disc is Extremely safe with benefits of small incision , less pain , less blood loss, better cosmesis, less infection rates, less hospital stay, early return to work and no long term back pain problems.

Can SLIP DISC / SCIAITICA be operated with endoscopy / microscopy?

  • Yes, it’s a very simple and safe surgery for SLIP DISC or SCIATICA and the patient can be discharged on the same day of surgery.

Is Surgery for SLIP DISC safe ?

  • Yes Spinal surgery for slip disc is 100% safe, Surgery is the permanent solution for some patients with severe leg pain.

What is done in KEY HOLE SURGERY for SLIP DISC?

  • The loose fragment of the SLIP DISC, compressing on the nerve root, is removed through a very small hole with microscope/endoscope with no side effects and bed rest required after surgery.

What other cases can KEY HOLE SURGERY are performed?

  • KEY HOLE SURGERY, minimally invasive spine surgery, Microscopic spine surgery, Minimal invasive spine surgery is safely done for SLIP DISC*/SCIATICA, SPINAL STENOSIS**, SPONDYLOLISTHESIS ***, SPONDYLOLYSIS****, Spine Fracture are some other cases routinely performed with keyhole spine surgery

Can it performed safely in elderly?

  • Yes, in fact, the real advantage is in elderly people with lesser blood loss and less pain in KEY HOLE SURGERY.

How many days of hospital stay is required for KEY HOLE SURGERY?

  • Usually patients can be discharged within 24- 48 hours after surgery and there is no restriction in most of the cases after surgery. Patients can resume work within a week of surgery.

Is BED REST after spinal surgery /spine surgery required?

  • NO. After surgery patient should walk routinely and do some stretching exercises. After KEY HOLE SURGERY, no bed rest is required and one can resume work soon.

What precautions should one take after Spine Surgery?

  • General precautions for 3-6 weeks .Avoid ground level activities, like squatting, bending, sudden jerks, heavy lifting etc.

Who is the Best Spine Surgeon in Mumbai for Slip Disc Surgery?

Dr. Vishal Kundnani is the best spine surgeon for slip disc surgery and is available in various hospitals for consultation and for surgery. Dr. Vishal kundnani is the best spine specialist with a considerate approach to patients with an honest opinion and ethical spine practice.

Dr. Vishal kundnani is the best microscopic surgeon for slip disc surgery. Dr. Vishal kundnani is the best endoscopic spine surgeon in Mumbai for spinal stenosis and slip disc surgery and has performed more than 5000 spine surgeries with minimally invasive spine surgery technique.